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Welcome to London Colocation

United Kingdom is home to a large number of data centres and colocation providers. removes the hassle and inconvenience of scouring the internet to find the best option for you. We list all of the known UK datacenter/colocation providers by location, allowing you to quickly and easily find a data centre in your preferred region.

All of our datacenter and colocation listings are edited and approved by our expert team, who have decades of experience in the data centre and hosting industries. We personally know how hard it can be to find a data centre or to locate colocation options close to you. We aim to make your task a little easier with our comparison of the various hosting options available to you.

Our listings include datacenter specs, facility photos, their actual address (where possible) and an idea of the data centre’s size and ownership. These listings have been reviewed in 2020, therefore are as accurate and up to date as possible.

If you’d like to give feedback, add your own data centre/colocation service to our website or simply get in touch, please email to discuss.

Data Colocation Centres in London

1. Equinix London Data Centres

Equinix offers to host content, media, financial services and multi-cloud ecosystems with abundant capacity for high-density deployments. Their data centres are also certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards.

2. ConnectU London Data Colocation Centres

ConnectU promises continuous power with UPS and backup generators, a minimum N+1 redundancy on power and cooling, as well as diverse fibre connectivity of up to multi-10Gbps. They also have 24/7 on-site security and support options at all their prime Tier III independent London data centre locations.

3. Digital Reality London Data Centre Solutions

Digital Reality has 17 data centres in London and has more than six acres ready for development. They promise to help you leverage interconnection capabilities all around the globe.

4. Pulsant Business Unlimited South London Data Centre

Pulsant offers a state-of-the-art facility with three data halls. They have a great modular design and industry-leading infrastructure that allows them the privilege of accommodating varied customer requirements, such as 24/7 environmental monitoring. They also have dark fibre connection which enables on-site cloud services.

One unique factor is that their site is prebuilt and preconfigured for a fast installation of your company’s hardware, giving a ‘move-in-ready’ feel.

5. Redcentric London Data Centre

Their self-contained London Colocation centre provides reliable and resilient hosting solutions. They have a monitoring system that continuously provides electrical, cooling, fire and security systems with a high-grade environment.

6. Telehouse London Data Centres

Telehouse promises direct links to your cloud services, as well as high levels of security and 24/7 support and care as a part of their colocation services at their London Data Centres. They have 30 years of experience and have a diverse ecosystem of connectivity partners.

7. Iron Mountain London Colocation Facility

Iron Mountain has a proven track record in the data colocation scene with over 65 years of experience. They promise security, compliance and the best cloud services ever. 

8. London Docklands Data Centre (DDCL) 

DDCL have a reputation for high reliability and availability with their data centres. They offer a variety of renting and colocation packages, together with 24/7 support, remote hands services and switch partitioning. 

9. Cyxtera London Data Centres

Cyxtera promises flexibility, security and resiliency with any of their three London Data Centres.

10. Veloxserv London Data Centres

Veloxserv claim their London data centres are the perfect environment for fast, secure and reliable colocation. You simply have to supply the hardware, while their centres will provide power, cooling, connectivity and security. They have on-site N+N UPS Infrastructure and Diesel Generation and fuel contracts in place for power back up.