Personal Data we collect about youWe collect personal data from you when you voluntarily submit information directly to us or via our platform. This can include information you provide when you register to use the platform, create an account on our platform, set up a profile on Services and interact with other users.

1.The categories of personal data we collect include the following:
(a) Contact details: Such as your name, your email address, your telephone number and addresses associated with your account.
(b) Profile information: Such as your contact details (as above) and other any information you share when creating a profile on Services.
(c) Comments and opinions: Such as, comments and opinions you share on services, when you provide feedback or reviews on our products or platform, or when you respond to our surveys, competitions and promotions.
(d) Messages to us or between users: Messages you send to us such as email and written correspondence and messages to other users using services.
(e) Payment and transaction information: Records of the products and services you purchase from us and the payment method, and credit/ debit card details, you use for the transaction.
(g) Your preferences: Choices you make such as notification and messaging preferences or choices about how the platform is displayed.
(h) Information about your location: Other than information you choose to provide to us, we do not collect information about your precise location. Your device’s IP address may help us determine an approximate location but this will be no more precise than the city, state or country you are using your device in.
(J) Information provided by other users: Sometimes, other visitors to our platform provide your personal data. For example, other visitors may provide your personal data to us when they invite you to use the platform or through
(K) We may also collect personal data about you from Facebook via its Connect functionality: The received information includes login details and profile information such as your log-in token, user name and photo and other information from that service as permitted by you and that service.
How we use your information

We will also use your personal data for the purposes specifically described below:
(a) Contact details: we will use your contact details so that we can communicate with you directly via phone, SMS messaging, or email, in particular, about queries, issues, problems we have detected or concerns you or other users have. We may also use your contact details to send you information about similar products and services that we think may be of interest to you.
(b) Payment and transaction information: we will use payment and transaction information you provide to process payment for any product or service you purchase from us. We may also use the history of your transactions with us to determine similar products and services that may be of interest to you.
(c) Your preferences: we will use your preference settings which you can set by [insert method by which users can set such preferences] for the purpose of providing notifications, messages, displaying the platform and following other choices you are able to make about how the platform is displayed to you.
(d) Information about your location: we may use an approximate location to ensure content on the platform is relevant to the city, state or country you are using your device in. We will not collect or track your precise location without your consent.