W3 can help clients acquire, build, install, and manage servers. The company’s services range from helping a business choose a domain, through building and hosting websites to developing complex web-based businesses and applications, automating supply chain and production and business processes. The W3 technical team possesses extensive skills and experience to handle all these concerns.

While the traditional home for many mid-scale projects, dedicated servers are not required as often as they used to be – simply because hardware has gotten so much faster and more powerful that what once needed a dedicated server may now only require a Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS.

Web Development Ireland offers web development and programming, database design, ecommerce sites, domain registration, hosting, graphic design, corporate branding, general consulting and anything to do with the Internet and Information Technology industry. It has in-depth experience in most technologies associated with the web and have worked with a wide range of local and international businesses, from ‘one man shows’ to multinationals worldwide.

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