With IT outages more damaging to a business’ reputation and bottom line than ever, it is vital to have the right location, or locations, from which to host mission-critical applications. IT departments face an on-going challenge to ensure that their applications are supported by a safe, resilient datacentre infrastructure. CDW delivers secure, multi-location managed hosting and colocation, allowing customers to expand their Data Centre footprint flexibly and cost-effectively.

Data is such a critical asset in modern business that the Data Centre has moved to the heart of the organisation. CDW delivers colocation and managed hosting solutions that deliver the benefits of an on-site facility, with the cost and management challenge significantly reduced. Cost-effective, risk-free management is critical to the modern Data Centre. CDW’s Data Centre locations are built to keep critical operations safe and secure, with maximum efficiency.

CDW’s Data Centres are designed to the highest industry standards, built to BREEAM (EU) standards for lower power consumption and are supported 24/7 by a dedicated team. CDW Data Centres all feature dual authentication and biometric scanning as well as card key access control and CCTV coverage with digital recording and archiving. Each facility is also protected from fire risks, with double interlock pre-action water mist systems installed and overhead and under-floor smoke detection.

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